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Every two minutes in America a child is sexually, physically, and mentally abused in America not a third world country but right here in America. Today we can make a difference by just starting the conversation. I have formed the Broken Knee Club of BKC because all of us walk with pain in our lives sometimes it is physical as in a broken knee and most often its emotional trauma that we suffer. Please join us in letting our voices be heard for those that are still to afraid to speak out or those that cannot anymore.



Many years ago someone decided that my innocence was something worth taking. I spent many more years making the classic mistakes of many other sufferers. Now it did not help that my home life was one of servitude and abuse. I was to spend many days questioning life and my worth to it. When I was young I spent night after night saying this prayer ( Now I lay me down to sleep pray the lord my soul to keep, if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take) I prayed nightly to not wake up. I could no longer be the servant in my household I could no longer be another boy’s play thing.

I would then travel the United States from place to place searching for a reason to not do drugs or alcohol or anything else that would distract me from being an abuse survivor. I would try something that many abuse survivors never believe can help. I tried reaching out I looked up the rape crisis center in Boston Mass and there I met David Shannon the man that actually saved my life from disappearing like a faded picture of someone else’s life. He had the courage to ask the question I had never wanted anyone to ask me ever. (What did he do you). One question, one answer, and one outcome that never could have been foretold.
I know live in North Carolina I work three days a week doing whatever and the rest of the week I work with survivors or try to book speaking engagements. I recently had an amazing experience I was asked to speak with a group of survivors and their parents. One of the parents asked me a question that made me stop and think about what I would say. My reply was a little alarming coming out of my own mouth. She asked me if I could go back and change all that happened would I. I sat and thought for a second and realized that I wouldn’t change it. Did the abuses I suffer suck YES but from that day forward I made many mistakes that have taught me lessons that no collage or other advanced degree could have paid for. Taught me that I have a skill set that I didn’t know I had … strength. I have learned how to be a victim a survivor and now to thrive. I have learned that you can do nothing to me that can be worse than what was already been done. I have also learned that I can teach.
Please like and share there may be someone out there that needs to know they are not alone in their pain. If you feel like sharing your story here please do.


TM Brian Cardoza
OVC consultant and R.A.I.N.N speaker

Mission Statement

The Broken Knee Club  stand up for a child one at a time, while standing behind a adult survivor.


To show the truth that all of us know but are too afraid to light.


All proceeds that the Broken Knee Charities take in will go to future events for children to learn and grow. Also the Broken Knee will use proceeds to send speaker survivors to local Rape Crisis Center to speak to their clients for free


There are an estimated 39 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the U.S. alone. Most will never tell a soul. Every child has a right to a safe and nurturing childhood, but for many children, sexual abuse is an all-too-common occurrence. In the U.S., 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused prior to the age of 18.  It can be extremely difficult to talk about sexual abuse and even more difficult to acknowledge that sexual abuse of children of all ages, including infants, happens every day. Sexual abuse of children has become the subject of great community concern and the focus of many legislative and professional initiatives. This is evidenced by the expanding body of literature on sexual abuse, public declarations by adult survivors, and increased media coverage of sexual abuse issues. The Broken Knee club is trying to help stop sexual abuse.

Latest News

Can men be sexually assaulted?

Men and boys are often the victims of the crimes of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape. In fact, in the U.S., about 10% of all victims are male.

The term sexual assault refers to a number of different crimes, ranging from unwanted sexual touching to forced penetration.

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Child sexual abuse has gained public attention in the past few decades and has become one of the most high-profile crimes. Since the 1970s the sexual abuse of children and child molestation has increasingly been recognized as deeply damaging to children and thus unacceptable for society as a whole. While sexual use of children by adults has been present throughout history, it has only become the object of significant public attention in recent times.

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