What We Are About

The mission of the Broken Knee Club is to be a safe haven for all sexes to feel comfortable in speaking out about their childhood or adult sexual assault survival.

The Broken Knee Club is set to allow athletics and other non-violent events to help those in need.  Broken Knee Club is about helping others be able to speak out about abuse


Survivor Knights

Survivor Knights champion for survivors through art. By presenting artistic works created by survivors of sexual and physical abuse, and traumatic health and emotional issues, Survivor Knights events raise awareness for these problems that deserve our attention with open honest dialogue.

Our events encourage participation from survivors of all issues including rape, domestic abuse, cancer, heart attack, substance abuse (user and family), care givers and more.




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Disclaimer: First, let me state flatly I am not a therapist. If you find anything that you read here is triggering you into an emotional fallout, please call a mental health professional immediately, or look to a rape crisis center in your area.
Comment section: Please refrain from any religious and political speaking. This is a resource for all people, regardless of their religious or political views. I do not say this to be offensive, but I want everyone and anyone to feel comfortable opening up on the Broken Knee Club site. This stems from the fact that today every religion is having problems in this area and I do not want anyone offended. Finally, political discussion does not apply to your healing.

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